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Server is now up!!!

Update list:

* Added some item effects.

* Increase FPS rate per client

* Built-in anti lag on Menu options.

* Cleared unused logs.

Kindly download our latest client.

You can now obtain Gold Fenrir by giving the NPC Quest requirements.

Npc name: Gold Fenrir Exchanger
Map: Devias
Quest item needed: 10 Horn of Fenrir

Requirements must be inside the main inventory, not at the extended inventory.
Have fun guys.
Run your game launcher for this updates to be applied.


Market server @ Server 2 added.
Offstore function at Server 1 disabled.



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Kindly download our new client for those who want don't know how to extract our latest patch.
Full client link:

For patch download kindly do as follows (For old clients):

1. Download patch :

2. Open and Extract it to main.exe root folder (Sentinel v2.0 folder only)

3. Run Launcher.exe (If no files patched, kindly restart your PC)

4. Press Game Start or use main.exe.

Best regards everyone.

Good day everyone,

We will be having a short server maintenance today due to our Server Migration.
This is for the better game play.
Updates will be posted on our facebook group. Feel free to message us at our facebook official group:

Please be safe always guys.

New Master Skill Tree Added.
Max Master Level now at 400.

Master reset temporarily free for now at our website user panel.

Invasion monster increased.

Game Guides now available at our website.

Don't forget to run your launcher all the time.
Keep safe everyone.


Blood Angel items now on ingame.
Can be obtained through hunting @ Karutan2 map (Monster spot off)
Drop rate : Low

Cash shop update
Prices increased on some items.
Removed Horn of Fenrir.

Run your game launcher for this updates to be applied.

Further updates will be implemented and applied as soon as possible.

Stay safe everyone.

All items socketed
Item drop removed, replaced with ribbon boxes.
Npc seeds , sphere and jewels removed.
Sphere penta drop @ raklion
Gm Gift Box price increased to 500 coins.

Custom Jewels Updated:
Jewel of Excellent
full excellent option
50% success rate

Jewel of Full
removed luck and additional opt


King invasion:
Additional Kings added
Elbeland King
Icarus King

Selupan and Nightmare added WcoinC per kill.

Blood angel set coming soon...

Effective today.

Stay home, stay safe, play Sentinel MU!


Static Effect added on Wing of Torment.

Custom WcoinC store moved to Devias Map.

Other Custom Store buttons removed.


Please stay home everyone.

Wing of Torment skin remodeled!
380 Item Combination updated.

To those players who got some item bug, kindly pm our fb page:

Run your game launcher to apply these updates.
Unupdated clients can't connect to the server after 24 hours.
Please be guided.

Stay at home everytime.

Good day everyone.

To those players who can't connect/play, kindly download our latest updated full client.

For those who are don't want to download the full you can download our Patch.
Just extract all the files in your main folder not the patch folder.

We are also planning on making all items ingame to socketed types. Which mean all items can have sockets.

For concerns. message our facebook page.

Happy farming everyone.

4 Additional New Wings @ Cash Shop ( X shop )
Kill Coins added on Imperial Guardian Bosses
Master Level Bug Fixed!
Bot Buffer moved to Santa Village.
Arena Gens Battle removed!
Vote Bug Fixed!


All updates are based on player reports and request.
Run your game launcher to apply this changes.
We hope you are all staying safe during the corona pandemic.
Happy gaming everyone.

New update logs:

Cash shop ( X shop ) updated :
Lucky sets 2nd package added.

380 option on chaos machine FIXED.

Addtional arena spots added.

Devil Square reward updated. (Rank based reward)
Rank 1: 350 WcoinC
       Rank 2: 250 WcoinC
       Rank 3: 150 WcoinC


Run your game launcher to apply this changes.
We hope you are all staying safe during the corona pandemic.
Happy gaming everyone.

To those who can't connect in-game.
Kindly run your game launcher.
If error still persists, try restarting your PC and run again your launcher.

Sorry for the inconvenience. We're fixing some minor errors.

Feel free to message us at our facebook page.

Have a good day everyone.

Recent game play updates:

PINK OPTION on Ex700 & Dark Angel Weapons

Arena Map = Gens Battle Ground

Vote rewards = 100 per vote

/pkclear command = 100 WcoinC to activate

Guild package planning phase on going...


More powers. Keep grinding guys.

Don't forget to invite your friends.


Run your Launcher to experience this new update. Keep grinding guys. 





Custom Jewels Success rate
Jewel of Level 70%
Jewel of Skill 100%
Jewel of Luck 100%
Jewel of Addicional 100%
Jewel of Excellent 70%
Jewel of Socket 70%
Jewel of Ancient 1 70%
Jewel of Ancient 2 70%
Jewel of Full 70%

Good day!

Jewel of Full has now been released in game. It can be purchased now at our Cash shop ( X SHOP).

Jewel Description
Jewel of full

* Add 1 item Level from +13 up to +15
* Add Luck option
* Add additional damage/def option +28
* 70 % success rate


Boss Invasion:

New boss invasion event is now open.
Ingame announcement will be posted globally.

Maps : Lorencia, Devias, Atlans and Noria.
Reward: 500 WcoinC for the last hitter.


Just run your Game Launcher to activate this new update.

God bless and stay safe everyone.


Good day.

To those who have a problem logging in game or can't connect to the server.

Kindly run your Launcher. All files will be updated using our Launcher.


Damage decrement rate increase from 7% to 9%.

For questions and queries kindly message our Facebook Page

You can now sell your jewels to any npc ingame, just hunt it anywhere.


Per piece:

Jewels WCoinC
Jewel of Bless 2
Jewel of Soul 2
Jewel of Chaos 10
Jewel of Creation 5
Jewel of Life 2


Per bundle:

Jewels Bundle10 Bundle20 Bundle30
Bundle Jewel of Bless 20 40 60
Bundle Jewel of Soul 20 40 60
Bundle Jewel of Chaos 100 200 300
Bundle Jewel of Creation 50 100 150
Bundle Jewel of Life 20 40 60


GM Gift drop random items including Custom Jewels

Just buy it from Natasha the Firecracker Merchant located in Loren Bar entrance.

Selupan now drop 1 GM BOX

Erohim now drop 2 GM BOX

Nightmare now drop 2 GM BOX


Custom Jewel Properties


Custom Jewels Description
Jewel of Level Add item level up to +13
Jewel of Skill Add skills to all weapons, including shields
Jewel of Luck Add luck options to all items.
Jewel of Addicional Add additional defense/damage to all items
Jewel of Excellent Add 1 excellent option on all items.
Jewel of Socket Add socket slot to all items with socketed type.
Jewel of Ancient 1 Add level 1 ancient option to all items (e.g: Hyon Helm)
Jewel of Ancient 2 Add level 1 ancient option to all items (e.g: Vicious Helm)

You can earn WcoinC every Rank Title starting at Apprentice rank.


Rank Minimum Resets Maximum Resets WcoinC Reward
Apprentice 10 19 10
Messenger 20 29 20
Carrier 30 39 30
Assassin 40 49 40
Archer 50 59 50
Lancer 60 69 60
Cavalier 70 79 70
Solider 80 89 80
Mage 90 99 90
Warrior 100 109 100
Gladiator 110 119 110
General 120 129 120
Battle Master 130 139 130
Liberator 140 149 140
Lord 150 159 150
Myth 160 169 160
Demi God 170 179 170
Immortal 180 189 180
Alpha 190 199 190
Hero 200 209 200
Supreme 210 Unli 210

For all of your concerns, suggestions and reports. Kindly reached us out using our OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE. 

Please don't forget to Like and Share. Thank you very much.

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